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Outlook for 2022

Outlook for 2022

December 17, 2021

After a strategic break, Pathways to Aviation is poised for what lies ahead!

After shifting to an online format, then hosting workshops on a weekly basis, we placed all of our attention on our career readiness programs. We learned a great deal about career readiness issues, challenges, roadblocks, gaps, and concerns. We also recognized how the issues facing students and job seekers closely resemble the hiring challenges facing aviation and aerospace leaders.

As we were immersed in preparing young people for great careers, we decided to take a break to apply attention to our organizational infrastructure to ensure our own sustainability moving forward. As such, we suspended workshops in the final two months so we could gear up for an impressive 2022 campaign. 

Simple changes have been made within Pathways to Aviation and organized a calendar of activities for the entire 2022 calendar year. Beginning this January, students and job seekers will be invited to…

  1. Attend quarterly workshops, hosted on-site at different industry businesses and airports. The 90-minute workshops, which feature industry leaders, close-up descriptions of roles and specialties, and job opportunities will be also live-streamed through Zoom.
  2. Participate in monthly office hours, hosted via Zoom. The sessions will engage students, job seekers, and mentors in conversations about the certification process, job searching issues and challenges, career readiness tips, and fresh ideas.
  3. Apply for scholarships to advance their career aspirations. $1,000 will be awarded to one or more certified candidates at each quarterly workshop, as a way of recognizing their hard work, while helping remove finances as a barrier to pursuing career dreams.
  4. Take full advantage of a new career planning workbook, which provides an abundance of information and links to taking key career next steps.

We also added our career readiness videos to our website, easily accessible as you navigate through the certification process.

We’re excited about the future and ready to work closely with our many students, job seekers, schools, mentors, sponsors, and industry partners!  

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2022 Career Planning Workbook

The latest version of our popular career readiness booklet will be distributed to all of our students and job seekers soon. The workbook features salary tables, sponsor highlights, available job information, list of scholarships, roster of colleges offering aeronautical curriculum, and many career readiness tips and videos.

Quarterly Scholarships

Among the latest additions are scholarships for active students and job seekers. We’ll award upwards of $1,000 at each quarterly workshop to those who are taking full advantage of Pathways to Aviation programs. 

To quality, you must…

  1. Be a Certified Candidate. If you haven’t completed the three-step certification process, now is the ideal time to fill out the remaining part of your profile and certification steps. 
  2. Complete a simple scholarship application form. The February Workshop Scholarship application form will be available by January 5.
  3. Attend the workshop, either on-site or online. Special circumstances may be made for those who cannot attend workshops.

Application questions and selection committees may change from workshop to workshop, as sponsors are helping fund the awards. It’s a great way for sponsors and industry leaders to get to know our most active candidates.

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