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Pathways News

Sharpening your video presence

September 24, 2020

All of us are gathering in meetings, events, classes, workshops, discussions, and interviews through video these days. When the video calls can create opportunities, there are ways to position yourself […]

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Establishing strong conversations

September 17, 2020

Though we labeled last night’s workshop as “Showcase Your Brand,” the focus was being prepared if and when you make contact with an industry leader during the Career Symposium. We […]

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Be ready to make contact

September 10, 2020

The second in a series of workshops preparing students and job seekers for the October 5-9 Pathways to Aviation Career Symposium provided tips to making contact with with industry leaders. […]

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Unveiling the Career Symposium plan

September 2, 2020

Students, job seekers, and mentors assembled at tonight’s Career Conversations workshop to see the details relating to the Aviation Career Symposium, taking place on the week of October 5-9, 2020. […]

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Win the interview

August 27, 2020

Yesterday’s Career Conversations workshop focused on the interview. Since the next series of workshops prepare students and job seekers for the October 5-9 Aviation Career Symposium, yesterday’s workshop was the […]

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Networking role play

August 20, 2020

Yesterday’s Career Conversation Workshop focused on networking. There may be no better way to describe networking than through a role play. Pete and Eric participated in a brief role play, […]

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Elevator Pitch opens doors

August 13, 2020

Some may say that the topic of yesterday’s Career Conversations workshop was the most important of all the topics we present through this weekly series. The ability to set the […]

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Benefits of your why

August 6, 2020

Yesterday’s Career Conversations workshop focused on your why statement. Since it’s not a topic discussed in school, it can be difficult to grasp and truly appreciate. With that in mind, […]

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The influence of first impressions

July 30, 2020

Yesterday’s workshop created a conversation about how first impressions can either amplify or ruin conversations, relationships, and career chances.¬†We spent considerable time talking about the two types of first impressions, […]

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