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December 2017 Bulletin

December 2017 Bulletin

December 29, 2017

Thank you for helping Pathways to Aviation exceed expectations throughout the 2017 calendar year. The year of unexpected course directions, strategic vision, and commitment to our mission will soon end. We have you to thank.

Thank you for believing in us when we lost our core funding.

Thank you for helping inspire over 6,000 students…more than any year in our history.

Thank you for meeting many of these students at eighth grade career days, school assemblies, mock interviews, resume reviews, facility tours, and classroom presentations.

Thank you for establishing relationships with students through our newly created career mentoring program.

Thank you for making financial donations to our Sustainability Drive, which allowed us to carry out our educational and career mentoring programs.

Thank you for reviewing and approving new aviation curriculum standards, which can be implemented at any high school in the state of Nevada.

Thank you for helping design our expanded career mentoring program, a model which can and will be replicated in many other locations.

2017 will be remembered as a year of tremendous change, growth, and achievement. Thanks to you, the foundation for an incredible future was enhanced.

We look to the New Year with extreme excitement. In just a few weeks, we’ll launch our newly created Futures in Aerospace initiative. The expanded aviation career mentoring program will be highlighted by career workshops and industry update presentations in three different locations (Reno, Truckee, and Minden), spanning four months. These informative and engaging events will build up to our annual Speakers’ Forum (May 2018), where students and aviation leaders will assemble to learn more about the industry, network for internships and jobs, and award scholarships. Learn all about Futures in Aerospace – click here – we would love your participation!

We close this message with an invitation to make a year-end donation. Every dollar contributed to Pathways to Aviation fulfills our mission of informing, inspiring, and engaging aviation’s next generation. We’re a small non-profit organization, which does not receive state or federal funding. The success of our programs, including the free Futures in Aerospace program, relies upon the financial support of leaders, like you, who enjoy witnessing the life changing opportunities given to our next generation of aviation leaders. You’re invited to help close the 2017 calendar year with a contribution, which will have immediate impact on students learning about aviation careers and receiving vital career planning resources. Click here to make an online donation or mail a check to PO Box 21433, Reno, NV 89515.

Thank you for joining our dedicated crew of aviation enthusiasts and leaders…and taking flight to meet our aviation education and workforce goals.

We’re ready for takeoff toward an amazing 2018!

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Informing, inspiring, and engaging aviation's next generation.