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Feedback from Candidates

“I really enjoyed how we were able to meet people that we otherwise would not have known how to contact. It was very helpful and offered many opportunities to us that we didn’t even know existed.”
“I really just appreciated that there are people willing to support and educate high school students going into a professional field. I really appreciate the fact that students have such a wonderful resource!”
“It taught me many skills such as formatting a resume, elevator pitch, and how to succeed in an interview.”
“It is because of you and Pathways to Aviation that I ended up landing a CFI job. Again I owe a lot to both you and Pathways to Aviation for preparing me to get my first aviation job.”
“Thank you so much for your feedback! No one has ever taken the time to do this for me in the past, I am beyond grateful.”
“Everyone within Pathways To Aviation has made me feel welcomed and inspired me to keep pursuing my dreams in aviation. If you are looking for help with your future career or looking for support, then look no further. They will help you build knowledge, confidence and a community that is in continuous support. This is a great platform to network and ask any questions you may have. Becoming a new pilot and wanting to pursue a career in aviation might be overwhelming or confusing, but don’t worry Pathways will help you navigate. A huge thanks to everyone within Pathways to Aviation and everything they have done to help me!”
“I’m very excited to be named a Stamps Scholar. I could not have gained this honor without all the individuals in aviation I’ve worked with along the way including you. Thank you and thanks to Pathways to Aviation.”
“I work with another like minded pilot that is in the same career stage as myself. I was telling him about the program and he’s very interested. By the sounds of the call last Wednesday it looks like you are always looking for new candidates. Would love to pass along some information on the program and have him sign up.”

Feedback from Professionals

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I have a huge respect for what you’re doing and this program.”
“The event was very inspiring and well planned out. I think the future in aviation is great with the students who are part of your program.”
“I am extremely impressed with how prepared a lot of those kids were. This is definitely making a difference in many ways. Great work.”
“I have been working with this organization on and off over the past month or so and have found them to be an excellent resource for our cadet/senior members considering a career in some aviation/aerospace related field. The weekly Wednesday evening programs are invaluable no matter what the age group as it fosters solid interpersonal skills when writing a resume, job applications, or that all important Interview.”
“The one on one meetings with the students was amazing! I was able to individualize what I talked about depending upon the student’s grade level, aeronautical interest, and educational or military goals. Very impressed as to how well they were prepared for their discussions with the industry professionals.”
“The students were very well prepared to discuss their goals and ambitions and they asked very good questions. The variety of professionals from throughout the industry was amazing. The students really got a taste of multiple avenues they could take their aviation skills and dreams.”
“I enjoyed offering insight into career pathways and expressing the breadth of opportunities available to achieve goals and dreams.”

Informing, inspiring, and engaging aviation's next generation.