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Career Planning Workbook

Here’s the electronic version of our Career Planning Workbook.

The 2022 version features a list of organizations offering scholarships, a list of colleges and trade schools offering aeronautical programs, and a set of aviation salary tables. The most popular section, features written descriptions and video tips for several career readiness best practices. Feel free to download to your hard drive, allowing you to fully utilize the note-taking pages.

You’re encouraged to Register as New User and complete our three-step career readiness certification process. It’s a great tool to use as you work through the career readiness section of the Workbook. And, when you complete the process, you’ll unlock the door to personal introductions to industry leaders and references for great job opportunities.
The Career Planning Workbook is free of charge for everyone. If you’re interested in helping offset the actual cost of its production, click the donate button.

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