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Another record workshop in Reno!

Another record workshop in Reno!

February 26, 2020

We enjoy outdoing ourselves and last night’s Reno workshop was no exception!

A record number of outstanding speakers made presentations at last night’s career mentoring workshop. We’re extremely appreciative for the time and inspiration shared by these¬†six¬†leaders…

  • Sandy Munns – former fire-fighter, pilot
  • Larry Cheek – FAA
  • Lee Oscar – FAA
  • Neita Montague – Soaring Pilots
  • Torry Thompson – Nevada Air National Guard
  • Nikki Antone – Designing Destinies

There was plenty of time for the students to identify their soft skills and characteristics before learning how to articulate those, along with their education and experiences onto resumes.

What a great night!
Reno Flight Plan 2020 - Workshop #2

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