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June 2020 Bulletin

June 2020 Bulletin

June 16, 2020

Light at the end of the runway

We’re on multiple phone calls and Zoom sessions every day, interfacing with industry leaders, employment recruiters, and job seekers. While many employers have placed hiring on hold, most are putting pieces in place for returning to “somewhat normal” recruiting activities. We’re equally as optimistic, as we believe in the aerospace and aviation industry’s future.

We recognize that a return to hiring practices will be different for each employer. We’re telling our candidates to work on their career readiness, learn new hard and soft skills, and continue making important connections. We believe in their futures, just as much as we feel strongly about a big return for the industry.

How do you see the industry moving forward? What’s taking place at your company? CLICK HERE to let us and our candidates know.

Aviation Career Week was a major success

The third annual Aviation Career Week was an incredible success. In past years, the week featured on-site networking events, where students and job seekers would interface with professionals in face-to-face discussions. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were forced to cancel these live events. However, it proved to be a win!

Throughout the week of May 25-29, we flooded our social media accounts with announcements, recognitions, job postings, career tips, and promotions. We hosted four incredible online workshops, featuring aviation and aerospace executives, who talked about engineering, piloting, and aircraft maintenance careers.

The week was made stellar thanks to the participation of our board members, mentors, and panelists. Special thanks to the executives representing Click Bond, Sierra Nevada Corporation, American Airlines, United Airlines, Dassault Falcon Jet, GA Telesis, and Their leadership, mentoring, and advice were spectacular.

These and other aviation companies are looking for quality new talent to hire as interns and full-time employees. The week was a demonstration of the many different types of jobs within the industry, employers which are seeking strong employees, and jobs seekers who are pursuing exciting and fulfilling careers.

Invitation – Weekly career mentoring workshops

The career mentoring workshops continue on a weekly basis, with a new time. The Career Conversations Workshop takes place every Wednesday at 4:00pm PST.

You’re invited to tomorrow’s workshop…Wednesday, June 17. Professionals, job seekers, and students will identify important soft skills. We’ll all learn what skills employers seek in new hires, what characteristics co-workers seek in team members, and what qualities young people seek in friends.

Join the conversation and meet outstanding young people who are positioning themselves for extraordinary careers. RSVP on the main webpage.

Have you seen our new website?

Visit to see the many changes. You’ll find more information in an easy-to-find and follow landscape.

Our new “international” Career Ready Portal

Within two weeks of launching our new career readiness certification pathway, aka Career Ready Portal, it attracted students and job seekers from multiple states and countries.

We’re now working closely with candidates from Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

Candidates from the following countries are using our portal to enhance their readiness and employment appeal: Canada, India, and Nigeria.

Each candidate is at a different readiness level and stage in the certification process. We’re tracking their career interests, skills, and goals, as we guide them toward incredible opportunities.

The Career Ready Portal is a goldmine of talented candidates, featuring many whom are currently seeking full-time positions, others who are 1-2 years away from launching their careers, and a handful whom are still in high school (great pipeline prospects!). Employers are invited to learn more about how they can get introduced to the candidates.



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