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A Career Symposium Recap

A Career Symposium Recap

October 15, 2020

A group of students, job seekers, and mentors gathered to discuss last week’s Career Symposium. It was an opportunity to reflect, as well as kick back into gear the weekly Career Conversations workshops. While we were quick to identify the Symposium’s strong points, we spent a fair amount of time discussing possibilities for the next big celebration.

We’re still receiving responses from the Career Symposium survey. It’s still available for people to provide feedback and ideas. Click here to complete the two-minute survey.

It was announced at the Career Symposium and reiterated at yesterday’s workshop…the fourth annual Aviation Career Week will take place on the week of May 10-14, 2021.

The Career Conversations workshops will continue next Wednesday. Before we dive into career readiness tips, next week’s workshop will focus on the aviation industry’s needs and outlook. We’ll use the recent report released by Boeing, the Commercial Market Outlook 2020-2039, as a guide. We’ll bring in experts to conduct a deeper dive into the report and shed light of its potential impact on workforce. Click here for details and to download the report.

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