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Job searching tips for immediate and future hiring

Job searching tips for immediate and future hiring

November 5, 2020

Before we’re able to dive into resume writing, elevator pitches, networking, and interviewing, it’s important to understand the job search process. Yesterday’s career mentoring workshop provided tips to two distinct types of job seekers – 1) the person who’s looking for work in several months to years, and 2) the candidate who’s actively seeking employment now.

The 10-minute video provides tips to both types of job seekers.

Additional things of note include:

  • Check our Job Board for open aviation positions – CLICK HERE
  • Login into your career profile to see additional jobs in the Announcements – CLICK HERE
  • Visit our Industry Events page, as it features multiple career fairs, as well as AOPA’s big STEM Symposium – CLICK HERE
  • We received nice mention in this month’s In FlightUSA’s editorial – CLICK HERE
  • We received complimentary remarks in the October 13 episode of the 21.Five Professional Pilots Podcast – CLICK HERE
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