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Incredible workshop featuring candidates

Incredible workshop featuring candidates

February 24, 2021

The weekly Career Conversations continue to impress mentors and candidates. The open discussion format, focusing on topics and panelists creates strong interaction amongst all attendees. This opens doors, educates, connects, and inspire further activation.

Tonight’s workshop, featuring a panel discussion of current and certified candidates, was extraordinary. The panelists were:

  • Corey Kerr – a certified candidate with over 1,500 hours, who’s seeking to advance his pilot career
  • Kale Tesio – a newly adorned flight instructor with dreams of becoming a commercial pilot
  • Peter Madden – an IT executive, who aspires to pivot to aviation as a pilot

A full recap of the workshop appears in the video. The panelists share their elevator pitches, career journeys, and answer questions during the first 40 minutes. The remaining 20 minutes is an open discussion amongst the attendees, who ask questions, share challenges, and present ideas. It’s one of our finest workshops.

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