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CAE released its 2023 aviation talent forecast

CAE released its 2023 aviation talent forecast

July 1, 2023

CAE released its 2023 aviation talent forecast. The company predicts continued growth across the global commercial and business aviation sectors, requiring upwards of 1.3 million new aviation professionals—pilots, cabin-crew, and aircraft maintenance over the next ten years.

Download the full forecast.

CAE’s aviation talent forecast has analyzed projected demand for pilots. 2023’s report is the first to evaluate future need for aircraft cabin-crew and maintenance personnel. The comprehensive 10-year study estimates a need for 1.18 million individuals to be recruited and trained for the commercial aviation industry, and 106,000 people for business aviation, to fill vacancies due to retirement and attrition, and the expansion of the aviation industry. For commercial aviation, CAE projects 1.18 million, which includes: 252,000 Pilots; 328,000 Maintenance Technicians; and 599,000 Cabin Crew.

The Aviation Talent Forecast is a tool for stakeholders across the aviation ecosystem, which analyzes the upcoming talent demand for pilots, and for the first time in this report, for aircraft maintenance technicians and cabin crew worldwide. It not only focuses on how many people will be needed in each region over the next decade, but also on the reasons for the high demand and what the industry can do to attract talent.

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