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Symposium Agenda

The Pathways to Aviation Career Symposium took place on the week of October 5-9 and was full of activities for students, job seekers, mentors, industry leaders, and employers. Below is the full agenda, complete with recordings from each session.

Job Announcements

9:00am PDT Daily

Our friends from will join us through live video to announce hot aviation jobs.

Monday, October 5

Tuesday, October 6

Wednesday, October 7

Thursday, October 8

Friday, October 9

Industry Panel Presentations

11:00am PDT Daily

One hour workshops, featuring a panel of industry leaders describing the following specialty areas. Click the names to view their LinkedIn profiles.

Monday, October 5 – Engineering Careers

Larry Crapo – President, The Lawson Group
Logan Krantz – Engineer, Click Bond
Gil Rivnai – VP of Engineering, Universal Avionics
Moderator: Marlys Pryor – Retired aerospace engineer

Tuesday, October 6 – Aircraft Maintenance Careers

Sean Gallagan – Chief Executive Officer, Aviation Workforce Solutions
Ryan Goertzen – Vice President, AAR Corporation
Kendall Folds – Recruiter, Duncan Aviation
Moderator: Greg Meisinger – Pilot, American Airlines

Wednesday, October 7 – Pilot Careers

Jason DuVernay – Aviation Advisor, Raven Career Development
Max Palmer – Host – 21.Five Professional Pilots Podcast
Moderator: Joe Rajacic – Retired Captain, United Airlines

Thursday, October 8 – Military Careers

Jason Depew – Captain, Delta Airlines; Air Force
Jacob Hammons – Commander, Nevada Air National Guard
Moderator: Ken Moen – Airport Manager, Carson City Airport Authority

Friday, October 9 – Education Opportunities

George DeWees – Regional Assistant Director of Admissions, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Sally Krasevic – Admissions Specialist, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
Jessica Sanders – Chief Operations Officer, Sanders Aviation
Jep Thornton – Managing Partner, Aerolease Aviation
Moderator: Leah Ochs – Manufacturing Engineer, RIX Industries


Live Interviews

1:00pm PDT Daily

Interviews with select industry leaders will take place through our social media channels. Topics will be trends, hot topics, projections, and resources relating to aviation workforce and careers. Click on the names to view their webpages.

Monday, October 5 – AviNation Magazine

Tuesday, October 6 – Choose Aerospace

Wednesday, October 7 – National Business Aviation Association

Thursday, October 8 – Perlan Project

Friday, October 9 – Certified Candidate Spotlight


Career Readiness Tips

3:00pm PDT Daily

Pete will air live career planning tips videos through our social media channels.

Monday, October 5 – Career Checklist

Tuesday, October 6 – Interpersonal Brand

Wednesday, October 7 – Your Why

Thursday, October 8 – Interview Preparation

Friday, October 9 – Job Searching









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