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Air Races is now an education hotspot

Air Races is now an education hotspot

May 5, 2015

We’re on a quest to engage Air Race patrons with the two components of our mission: education and history. Our three year strategy to create an incredible experience, where visitors enter with wide-open eyes and leave with a “wow” factor, has worked quite well. Welcome to the Aviation Learning Center.

The newly formed Aviation Learning Center was created to elevate the experience of the original tours offered via the Reno Air Racing Association. Its volunteer group, NAG, provide maps, scavenger hunt materials, and docents to facilitate the tours. The group’s extraordinary involvement captivated the interest and excitement of many young people.

Each field trip will receive a specific set of instructions, based on pre-determined Aviation Learning Center class times. Ample time will be provided for tours through the pit classes, air race watching, and free time in the concessions area. To qualify for the complimentary (free admission) air race experience, each field trip will participate in the Aviation Learning Center per a pre-scheduled class time.

Our intent is for the popular Heritage area of the Reno-Stead Airport to be transformed into this exciting and meaningful Aviation Learning Center. It’s an expansion of last year’s “education zone” which welcomed an estimated 20,000 visitors.

The Center will feature two large tents, each serving a specific purpose.

Hangar Tent
Our most visible and publicly-used tent, it will provide 2,400 square feet of exhibit and meeting space featuring 80 seats, tables, and an A/V system to be used for meetings, workshops, and presentations designed for all ages. The interior perimeter of the educational space will feature aviation-related organizations. These groups will provide information and experts in their industry. These leaders will also be invited to facilitate and/or present educational workshops throughout the week.

Classroom Tent
A new feature in the Aviation Learning Center’s space will be a tent primarily used for classrooms. Students will participate in educational workshops, expert presentations, air race competitions, and flight simulations. These students learned how non-profit organizations were working together to supplement STEM education through aviation-related principles. Our goal for 2015 is to provide program support to 2,500 field trip participants.

The Foundation’s goal for the 2015 National Championship Air Races is to take the patron experience to an entirely new level through education, hands-on experiences, and greater interactivity. We expect patrons to be more informed, engaged, emotionally invested, and inspired.


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