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September 2016 Bulletin

September 2016 Bulletin

September 2, 2016

Visit the expanded Pathways to Aviation Learning Center in two weeks! We’ve designed a complete learning experience for aviation leaders and enthusiasts of all ages! You’re invited to visit and participate!

Special events during the Reno Air Races

This year we’ve expanded the Aviation Learning Center from 4800 square feet to over 104,000 square feet. That’s over 2 acres of learning space, featuring an Aircraft and Rocketry tent, Space Exploration classroom tent, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle tent and a Career and Industry tent with aviation industry businesses, colleges and representatives of all forms of the aviation industry. We’re  teaming up with the University of Nevada to host an expanded Drone Zone. Over 3000 students have been registered for field trips to visit the Aviation Learning Center, which includes over 10 high schools are expected to participate in High School day programs at Reno/Stead Airport during the Reno Air Races. Here’s a very brief view of how each day looks.

Welcome Wednesday
We’ll welcome the group of thousands of K-12 field trip participants to the Aviation Learning Center. They’ll attend STEM-based classes, participate in learning experiences, and meet aviation experts.

Unmanned Thursday
The day will begin with an executive forum addressing the UAS industry. We’ll discuss the many changes taking place in the industry and how it affects workforce and economic opportunities in Nevada. As the forum ends, roughly 1,000 students will arrive onto the air race campus to participate in their field trips.

Future Friday
With nearly 2,000 K-12 students visiting the air race campus, we’ll start the day with presentation of opportunities affecting aviation workforce development and economic impact. The majority of the day will be focused on informing and inspiring aviation’s next generation.

Career Flight Saturday
PSA Airlines will start the day with a free breakfast for all air race patrons. PSA Airlines actively recruits new pilots, which is consistent of the day’s theme of connecting patrons of all ages to college and career opportunities. Many workshops will take place in the Aviation Learning Center. Special events you won’t want to miss include the Aviation Careers Panel and the Drone Air Race Championship.

Heritage Sunday
We’re celebrating the Civil Air Patrol’s 75th anniversary with a complimentary coffee reception for all air race patrons. The event will be followed by a number of experts, leaders, and enthusiast addressing aviation heritage.

You can find all of the week’s classes, workshops, presentations, and special events on our Guidebook. You’ll find the Guidebook online (CLICK HERE) or download the Guidebook app, then search by Pathways to Aviation. You’ll be able to see the entire schedule and RSVP for workshops! If you wish to view a paper version, click here to download our latest planning guide.

Did You Know?

According to the FAA, Nevada is home to 30 public-use airports which support over 70,000 jobs and over $80 million in payroll with over 3000 active general aviation aircraft and 6000 pilots. There are 5 commercial airports with over $8,000,000,000 payroll and a total economic impact of over $27,000,000,000.  Civil aviation contributes to 12.1% of the states GDP and 14.1% of all jobs in the state. The aviation industry is made up of airline operations, airport operations, component and aircraft engine and parts manufacturing, maintenance and parts suppliers.

JSfirm Job Board

We created a collaborative partnership with, a highly recommended aviation job website, to post jobs on our website. The result is a webpage featuring the latest job, presented in 19 different categories. Visit the Job Board by clicking here.

Recent presentations

We’ve been busy sharing our vision and educating groups about how we’re addressing aviation workforce and economic development. Special thanks to the following, which allowed us to present Pathways to Aviation.

  • Nevada Careers & Technical Educators Conference
  • Sparks City Council
  • Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority – Community Outreach Committee
  • Reno-Stead Airport Association

Our Vision is Clear

Pathways to Aviation will meet workforce shortages and enhance economic development, which will significantly impact the aviation industry.

Through collaborative partnerships, amazing affiliate organizations, outstanding community leaders, and our board of trustees, we’ll accomplish this by…

  • Empowering a new generation of aviation experts and leaders.
  • Filling jobs with quality labor.
  • Awarding scholarships to students attending four-year, two-year, and specialty instruction.
  • Fostering 100% of hiring from the state of Nevada.
  • Generating aviation outreach and industry buy-in.
  • Demonstrating measurable ROI on sponsorship and charitable investments.
  • Pursuing aviation education in every school in Nevada.
  • Helping attract aviation industry to relocate to Nevada.
  • Forging new territory in aviation, aerospace, and unmanned aerial systems.
  • Serving as the voice and source of all aviation in Nevada.

Our sincere thank you!

We’re extremely appreciative of the voluntary and financial support received, so that we may be able to invest in the Reno Air Races to showcase the incredible organizations, programs, and experts impacting the aviation industry. Without financial support, we couldn’t work closely with the Reno Air Racing Association to provide outstanding educational and historical experiences to air race patrons. Special thanks goes to the E.L. Cord Foundation, which has provided the opportunity to develop our ideas and vision into proven and measurable achievements.

As a 501c3 organization, Pathways to Aviation (also known as the Reno Air Racing Foundation) relies upon charitable contributions to operate, create career development plans for high school and college students, showcase organizations and classes at the Reno Air Races, host the annual Speakers’ Forum, and initiate collaborative partnerships with aviation, education, economic development, and local communities.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to make a financial contribution.


We’ll see you at the Reno Air Races!!!



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