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March 2017 Bulletin

March 2017 Bulletin

March 31, 2017

Have you heard the latest about Pathways to Aviation and aviation-related opportunities on the horizon? This month’s issue has plenty of news and information.

Educational programs continue as primary objective

Since becoming a non-profit organization in 2004, Pathways to Aviation (also known as the Reno Air Racing Foundation) has provided educational programs to young people in northern Nevada. For years, we conducted field trips at the Reno Air Races and other venues to introduce aviation to K-12 students.

“Our programs took a large leap forward when we adopted a fresh new vision a little over two years ago,” says board chair, Eric Henry. “We didn’t change our mission, but we implemented an exciting approach to connecting young people with the world of aviation.”

From that point forward, the number of students affected by our programs jumped from 500 per year to over 5,000. That’s 5,000 children being introduced to aviation and its endless possibilities. Thanks to the fresh vision, students are presented with various and strategic pathways to aviation opportunities. Programs benefiting young people (and the industry, as a whole) include:

  • Field trip programs hosted at airport and aviation businesses, serving as ideal opportunities to introduce aviation and inform students with its wonders, operations, relevance to classroom instruction (e.g. STEM), executive leaders, and much more.
  • Mentoring program to guide students interested in aviation careers. Working predominantly with high school and college students, the program features career-readiness workshops whether the students plan to enroll in colleges or jump directly into the workforce.
  • Scholarship program to provide tuition assistance for students desiring degrees or certifications. Those awarded have been eager to pursue aviation careers.

Educational programs serve at the heart of all we do at Pathways to Aviation. As we move forward, programs aimed at informing, inspiring, and engaging aviation’s next generation will continue to expand and flourish.

Aviation Careers Program reaches halfway point

The second career-planning workshop proved another big success for the newly created Nevada Aviation Careers initiative. Thanks to leaders in our local aviation industry, the students spent valuable time learning and receiving mentoring guidance.

The first session focused on the basics of getting a job. The second session discussed, in detail, resumes and the art of resume-writing. Following the workshop presentation, the students met one-on-one and in small groups with the mentors to discuss the development of their own resumes. Next month’s session will focus on networking and building a strong core of professional contacts.

Professionals wanted!

We’re looking for 7-10 aviation and local business leaders to participate in a networking training on Wednesday, April 26 at the Civil Air Patrol building. The session starts at 5:30pm, with the networking experience likely starting around 6:15pm. If interested, please click here to RSVP. We’ll contact you with more details.

Join us for Nevada Airports, Aerospace, & Aviation Day

We’ll be networking with legislative leaders, aviation experts, and corporate executives on Thursday, April 6 in Carson City. Events include a luncheon at the Capitol, open house at Carson Airport, and reception at the Governor’s Mansion. Speakers include representatives from the Reno Air Racing, Association, Nevada Business Aviation Association, Lockheed Martin, Aerospace States Association, Dassault Falcon Jet, Gulfstream, and more.

For more information, please click here.

AboveGeo Named Aerospace Company of the Year

Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology presented its Aerospace Company of the Year award to AboveGeo, formerly AboveNV at last night’s awards celebration.

“Every year we look for companies like AboveGeo who have pushed the boundaries of Aerospace with their technical advancements,” said Dave Archer, president and chief executive officer of NCET. “There is no question that AboveGeo is among the best and brightest technological companies based in Northern Nevada.”

AboveGeo is an aerial services and data company that provides high-resolution geospatial data collection and analysis through leading edge drone and sensor technologies.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award that comes at an appropriate time for our business,” said Eric Severance, chief executive officer, who noted that the company has just rebranded their name from AboveNV to AboveGeo.

AboveGeo collects, analyzes, and displays geospatial data for industrial, environmental, and scientific research partners using highly customized Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV) which they develop and operate, along with advanced post-processing analytics, from their headquarters in Reno, Nev.

Congratulations to Kirk, Rob, and the entire AboveGeo team!

Add these events to your calendar

  • April 6 – Nevada Airports, Aviation & Aerospace Day. Details here
  • April 26 – Nevada Aviation Careers workshop. Topic is networking. RSVP here
  • May 24 – Nevada Aviation Careers celebration. Aviation public is welcome. More details soon.
  • September 13-17 – National Championship Air Races at Reno-Stead Airport.
  • October 7-8 – Aviation Roundup at Minden-Tahoe Airport.
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