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Very positive feedback from networking night

Very positive feedback from networking night

June 9, 2017

Many people participating in our first aviation networking night answered a brief survey about the experience. We’re pleased to share some of their responses.

We’ve been so committed to providing resources and opportunities to positively impact aviation’s workforce, particularly in Nevada, that we’re willing to test all ideas. We had a strong feeling that hosting networking functions might provide a bit of value, but did not expect such a great start.

Like every event we host, we want to know what our stakeholders and participants think, so that we can plan for the future. Well, responses to the post-networking event survey were so positive, we couldn’t resist in sharing. Here’s a handful of answers to the question “What did you like most about our aviation networking night?”

Responses from Professionals…

“It was great to meet so many talented motivated young people.”

“I love that these bright individuals took the initiative to learn from your fantastic program. What a fantastic way to prepare kids with skills they just don’t get in school.”

“The free flowing style. Didn’t come off like being an interview. The young people were pretty relaxed.”

“The opportunity to speak to interested kids about multiple layers and aspects of aviation – not just being a pilot or engineer.”

“Just a fantastic group of kids.”

“The level of engagement and participation by both the students and mentors was exceptional.”

“The excitement on the faces of the kids thinking about the possibilities available for their careers.”


Responses from Students…

“The ability to have people that were in the field provide help on how to go about getting into it.”

“It was great to able to meet people who were currently working in the industries I was interested in exploring, and it was amazing to able to get firsthand accounts of what the industry is like.”

“I really enjoyed finding out how people got to where they were in life and what they did for a living. Also just meeting everyone was cool.”


We’re ecstatic about the responses and are already planning upcoming career and mentoring programs.

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