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Ways to find good jobs

Ways to find good jobs

February 11, 2019

The most successful job and internship seekers use a variety of job searching paths. They start the process early, focus their pursuits, and develop plans.

Below are simple ways to find great jobs.

Online searching
Niche job boards, such as the one on the Pathways website (, are maintained by professional associations, recruiting companies, and local business agencies. These are valuable because they feature positions aligning with career interests and geographical locations.

Megasites can be helpful as clearinghouses for jobs of all types. Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBuilder are sites widely used by job-seekers. We partner up with to provide those seeking jobs in the world of aviation with the most comprehensive and updated job source available.

Source Employers
Research potential employers to target and pursue jobs. We encourage you to develop a comprehensive list of all potential employers and record notes for each. Start with contact information, available jobs, locations, and your personal impressions.

Mobilize your Network
Networking is the most valuable strategy in finding employment opportunities. Establishing genuine relationships should be a continual process you utilize from this point forward. Similar to the list employers list, be sure to track all relationships you create. Use an excel file and your LinkedIn account to track and maintain communication with each person.


Before you impulsively apply for positions, be sure to take advantage of our spring workshops taking place in Reno, Carson, and Truckee. It’s easy to find jobs, but being prepared to actually apply and interview is vital to the job search process.



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