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Another amazing night in Truckee

Another amazing night in Truckee

March 15, 2019

Last night’s career planning workshop at the Truckee Tahoe Airport was beyond incredible.

With a room full of students and guests, the Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan experienced another outstanding evening.

The session featured presentations made by two young leaders of the aerospace industry. Billikee Howard, a flight instructor with Sierra Air Helicopters described her journey toward a career dream. Then, Greg Meisinger shared his journey from college to the Navy to American Airlines, where he serves as a pilot.

When the presentations concluded, the students turned to the evening’s topic of resume writing. While we can all surmise that writing resumes can be intimidating and arduous, the tips the students received put them at ease. Since we had ample time, we took a step-by-step process to creating appealing descriptions to use when seeking jobs and applying for scholarships.

As always the Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan did not disappoint. The interested and engaging students made the conversations rich and exciting!

The date of the next workshop is April 17th. It’ll be the most fun session, as the topics are personal branding and networking.
Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan - Workshop #3

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