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April 2020 Bulletin

April 2020 Bulletin

April 17, 2020

Introducing Career Conversations

Testing the online workshop atmosphere on April 8th proved so successful that we launched a new weekly career mentoring series called Career Conversations.

For 30-45 minutes every Wednesday at 5:30pm PST, we’ll assemble a group of students, job seekers, industry leaders, business professionals, and recruiters. We’ll conduct an instructional moment, where we share specific career planning best practices. We’ll then host an open forum, where employers can share the challenges they’re facing, job seekers can share the issues they’re finding when seeking employment, and students can seek advice as they develop their career plans.

The first “official” Career Conversations workshop was held this past Wednesday. We hosted a solid gathering of attendees, who resided in multiple states…from California to New York. The topic of discussion was first impressions. We posted a snipit of the workshop on our News section (click here).

Learn more about the new workshop series – CLICK HERE.

COVID-19’s Impact

The current pandemic has directly affected all of us. It’s changed our daily activities, our workplaces, our hobbies and interests, and how we interact with each other. It’s also forced many difficult decisions when it comes to employment. We receive calls and emails, on a daily basis, from people who’ve been laid off and now seeking employment. We regularly participate in Zoom calls and webinars, where industry leaders are sharing their challenges and difficult decisions. These are tough times.

These challenges have inspired us to take positive action. Rather than halt production, we’ve increased our workload to become a stronger resource to the aerospace industry. As part of our 2020 Vision, we were already moving towards an online model, where both job seekers and employers would meet, share, and build relationships. We’re decided to speed that up. Faced with canceling our on-site career mentoring workshops, we took the program to an online format. And, we’re working even more closely with young people, coaching and connecting them with industry leaders throughout the country, not just here in northern Nevada and northern California.

Pathways to Aviation will come out of the pandemic stronger, more resilient, and positioned to work with an increasing number of aviation companies, job seekers, and the overall industry.

What’s Your WHY?

Next Wednesday’s Career Conversations workshop will emphasize the elevator pitch. You’re familiar with the situation, when you’re in an elevator with a VIP, riding to top of the space shuttle’s launch pad. You have a limited amount of time when you can attract the person’s attention and wow him or her with your vision or dream or your next big objective. What do you say? Where or how do you begin?

One great way to script your elevator pitch is to understand your “why” or your purpose. What excites you to go to work every day? Why are relationships important to you? Why does your business operate? The answer is beyond the obvious, such as “making money.” It’s deeper and has far greater meaning.

For example, among our why statements at Pathways to Aviation is taking the lead in building a stronger aerospace industry by serving the people and companies we coach and connect.

The homework assignment for next Wednesday’s workshop is to share why statements.

Send us your why. We’ll share it during the workshop. Your why could spark a young person’s interest or help him or her move one step closer to pursing a dream career.


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