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Career Conversations Recap – April 22

Career Conversations Recap – April 22

April 23, 2020

Last night’s Career Conversations workshop welcomed attendees from multiple states, as well as a new job seeker from Nigeria.

The topic of the workshop was networking. Since these mini-workshops only allow us to spend about 15 minutes on any given topic, we focused last night’s instructional period on the elevator pitch.

Intimidating to approach, similar to that of writing resumes, crafting a compelling and concise elevator pitch is challenging. One approach presented was to develop a WHY statement, representing one’s purpose for living or working or waking up in the morning. What drives someone to seek the most in his or her life.

Here’s a five-minute moment from the instructional period, where Pete shares comments on elevator pitches and why statements. He even shares his own why statements.

Following the 30-minute presentation, the call opened up to allow both industry leaders and job seekers to participate in an open conversation about the aerospace industry and career challenges.

Join next week’s workshop, when we talk about how to prepare for job interviews.

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