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October 2020 Bulletin

October 2020 Bulletin

October 22, 2020

Pathways to Aviation informs, inspires, and engages aviation’s next generation.

Career Symposium was a major success!

  • Five days dedicated to celebrating aviation.
  • Twenty activities promoting specialty areas, organizations, people, and career tips.
  • A large collection of schools, students, job seekers, industry leaders, and recruiters.

The Career Symposium opened many doors of opportunity, connected students and job seekers to many possibilities, engaged executives from all parts of the US, and generated national attention.

Many thanks to leaders who dedicated time from their busy schedules to share stories, provide insight, and make connections. These leaders represented, The Lawson Group, Click Bond, Aviation Workforce Solutions, AAR Corporation, Duncan Aviation, American Airlines, Raven Career Development, 21.Five Professional Pilots Podcast, United Airlines, Air Force Academy, Delta Airlines, Nevada Air National Guard, Carson City Airport, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Sanders Aviation, RIX Industries, AviNation Magazine, Aviation Technician Education Council, Choose Aerospace, National Business Aviation Association, and The Perlan Project.

Since most of the activities were conducted during school hours, they were recorded. The 40+ high schools, trade schools, and universities with which we’ve recently established relationships have been airing the recorded sessions to their students. We’ve also made them available to schools throughout northern Nevada. You’re also invited to watch. Simply go to

4th Annual Aviation Career Week

May 10-14, 2021



More Certified Candidates

In preparing to make career connections during the Career Symposium, three more students and job seekers completed the career readiness certification process. We’re very proud of their efforts and excited to promote them for scholarships, internships, and full-time jobs.


Meet Corey Kerr

We conducted a live interview with Corey, who’s a Certified Candidate. The recent college graduate, who’s accumulated over 1,200 hours, is looking to advance his career by moving to complex multi-engine aircraft. Watch a brief interview to see this impressive candidate share his story and career ambitions. Watch at

Donate to Pathways to Aviation

We rely on contributions from people, businesses, and foundations to inform, inspire, and engage young people with aviation and its many opportunities. Please consider supporting an organization committed to guiding middle school, high school, and college students toward extraordinary careers.

You’re invited to talk about aviation’s future

Join us on Wednesday, October 21 at 4:00pm PDT, as we discuss recent reports issued by Boeing. One of them is its annual Pilot and Technician Outlook. Industry leaders will share insight and we’ll participate in open discussion about the report and the future of aviation’s workforce.
RSVP (click here) to receive the private Zoom link. 



Help inspire greatness in young people

Now is a great time to play an active role with Pathways to Aviation. We’re continually looking for industry leaders, who wish to mentor, participate in discussions, and create opportunities for young people. There’s no obligation for time commitment, just an interest in making a difference.

Click here to let us know you’re interested.

Statistic Update

Pathways to Aviation is working closely with students and job seekers living in 25 states and five non-US countries.

Where are they?

We’re reaching more students and jobs seekers every day. The growth since May has been exponential and very exciting. We were prepared for the growth and thoroughly enjoying the relationships we’re developing with the candidates, as well as the many schools which have hopped aboard the journey.

QUICK FACT – Employers are able to find candidates by accessing this map.




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Informing, inspiring, and engaging aviation's next generation.