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Landing a Job Interview Without Applying

Landing a Job Interview Without Applying

January 11, 2021

With a new year comes a fresh approach to our weekly workshops. In the past, we’d record a portion of the workshop, then post it for all to see.

Beginning with the January 13 workshop, we’re producing a video in advance of each workshop. Now, students and job seekers can watch a best practices video, covering the workshop’s topic, then discussing it during the weekly workshop. For example, this week’s topic is “Landing a Job Interview without Applying.” It’s the first of a six part series dedicated to articulating yourself verbally. Watch the following video and make a list of questions and comments to share at the workshop, which takes place Wednesday, January 13 (click to RSVP). The video and workshop are available for all, at no cost.

This idea was presented by one of our mentors and supported by many students and job seeking attendees.

This week’s video breaks down tips to expanding your presence, making you more available and attractive for open positions.

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