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Aviation Career Week Agenda

The basic format and tentative agenda for the Fourth Annual Aviation Career Week is as follows. Details, including speaker names, organizations represented, and sponsors will soon appear.

Monday, May 10

9:00am PST – Opportunities for Women in Aviation

Jessica Fay, Mountain Lion Aviation – LinkedIn
Angel Green, UPS Airlines – LinkedIn
Kaitlin Klingler, Horizon Air – LinkedIn
Amanda Poole, Candidate and Moderator – LinkedIn


11:00am PST – Opportunities for Under-Represented Populations

Angela Ash, Nevada Air National Guard – LinkedIn
Hernan Posada, NASA
Nathan Rix, Aviation Youth Empowerment Foundation – LinkedIn
Marlys Prior, Mentor and Moderator – LinkedIn



Tuesday, May 11

9:00am PST – Pilot Careers Panel Discussion

Tim Genc, Future & Active Pilot Advisors – LinkedIn
Raschel Grant, California Aeronautical University – LinkedIn
Lynsey Howell, Pilot Solutions – LinkedIn
Joe Rajacic, Mentor and Moderator – LinkedIn


11:00am PST – Live Interview with Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

Erik Yates, AOPA High School Aviation STEM Curriculum – LinkedIn
Pete Parker, Pathways to Aviation, Moderator – LinkedIn



Wednesday, May 12

9:00am PST – Aerospace and Engineering Careers Panel Discussion

George DeWees, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – LinkedIn
Arturo Martell, Click Bond
Travis Slagle, Sierra Nevada Corporation – LinkedIn
Michael Castania, Mentor and Moderator – LinkedIn

11:00am PST – Live Interview with Civil Air Patrol

Susan Mallett, Education Outreach – LinkedIn
Peter Madden, Candidate and Interviewer – LinkedIn



Thursday, May 13

9:00am PST – Aviation Maintenance Careers Panel Discussion

Larry Crapo, Advanced Aviation – LinkedIn
Jennifer Monroe, Duncan Aviation – LinkedIn
Mindy Pavilonis, Pittsburgh Institute of Avionics – LinkedIn
Caspar Hanak, Candidate and Moderator – LinkedIn


1:00pm PST – Live Interview with Choose Aerospace

Crystal Maguire, ATEC Executive Director – LinkedIn
Pete Parker, Pathways to Aviation, Moderator – LinkedIn



Friday, May 14

9:00am PST – Aviation Operations Careers Panel Discussion

Peter Blandino, American Airlines – LinkedIn
Daren Griffin, Reno-Tahoe International Airport – LinkedIn
Lillie Rodriguez, Airglades International Airport – LinkedIn
Andrew Nguyen, Candidate and Moderator – LinkedIn


11:00am PST – Aviation Career Week Closing Session

Special Guests To Be Announced

Speakers represent…
Advanced Aviation – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association – Airglades International Airport – American Airlines – Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance – Aviation Technician Education Council – Aviation Youth Empowerment Foundation – Civil Air Patrol – Click Bond – Duncan Aviation – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Future & Active Pilot Advisors – Horizon Air – Howell Talent Solutions – Liberty University – Mountain Lion Aviation – NASA – Nevada Air National Guard – Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics – Purdue University – Rochester Institute of Technology – Reno-Tahoe International Airport – Sierra Nevada Corporation – UPS Airlines

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