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December 2016 Bulletin

December 2016 Bulletin

November 23, 2016

We’re very thankful for the many people who’ve been on the Pathways to Aviation journey to create opportunities for young people.

Our quest is to inform, inspire, and engage aviation’s next generation…and, we do it in a number of ways. With aviation workforce and economic develop squarely in our view, sky’s the limit. In fact, if the past few months are any indication, there’s no telling how great of an impact we’ll make on the industry and its future leaders.

The level of activity has been extremely high, as reflected in recent highlights.

Aviation Learning Center at the National Championship Air Races

Our partnership with the Reno Air Racing Association provided an incredible experience to all patrons attending the races. Not only did thousands of patrons watch world-class racing and impressive air show action from our section, many learned about flight technology, unmanned aerial vehicles, aviation and avionics, and aerospace. They also met with college, flight school, and corporate recruiters, attended informative and educational workshops, flew simulated airplanes, and operated a drone or two.

In addition to the thousands of patrons, who took full advantage of our learning and experiential activities, so too did 3,025 school children through structured field trips. The elementary, middle, and high school students participated on tours to the pits, where they were invited to visit the various classes to meet the greatest air racing technicians and pilots on the planet. They were even encouraged to visit the T-6 section to write their names on one of its fastest planes.

The Aviation Learning Center has grown into a functional part of the Reno Air Races experience. The addition of the Drone Zone enabled visitors to see the latest in UAS technology and meet with representatives from large corporations in the unmanned industry.

A big thanks to our volunteers, class instructors, workshop presenters, and guest speakers. In addition, without the generous support of the E.L. Cord Foundation, ISTAT Foundation, Fred Telling, the “Renegades,” and anonymous contributors, the Aviation Learning Center would have remained as a dream.

Become a Mentor to aviation’s next bright star

We’ve implemented a new program to guide students to successful careers in the aviation industry. Open to high school students possessing an interest in an aviation career, students will be given career planning resources, meet potential future employers, and receive mentoring guidance.

The program was already in development when, at the Reno Air Races, many students voiced interest and questions regarding how they can get ready for aviation careers, who’s hiring, and how they can get a leg up in the hiring process. With confirmation of the need, we were excited to launch the program, which is aimed at preparing students to further their education or go directly into the workforce.

The Careers program is free of charge for both mentors and students, however, both must register to participate.

Click here for details, which includes a way to sign up.

At an airport near you…

Beginning next spring, we’ll be coordinating field trips to nearby airports for schools. Participating students will learn about airport operations, meet aviation leaders, take aviation classes, and participate in exciting activities.

The concept for these “aviation day” events is similar to the experience offered at the air races, only on a much smaller scale. Teachers will book field trips on select days offered, while Pathways will provide the instruction, activities, and venue.

To learn more about this new and exciting program, click here. It provides a phenomenal way for schools to connect with local airports to provide exceptional learning (and career) opportunities to students.

Have you met our trustees?

Like other 501c3 non-profit organizations, Pathways to Aviation is governed by an extraordinary group of leaders. The following have dedicated many hours to execute programs, introduce the organization to key community leaders, foster greater organization sustainability, administer scholarships, and strategically address the organization’s needs.

Eric Henry, Board Chairman
Thomas Hall, Secretary
Michael Klaich, Treasurer
Kevin Huffer
Robert Larkin
Paul McFarlane
Jack Prescott
Steve Silva
Grant Sims
Keith Taylor

For the past three years, one board member served with tremendous passion, a critical eye, and remarkable leadership. We wish this pilot, expert, and friend, affectionately known as “Doc Rocket” an incredible retirement. Greg Stanley, thank you very much for all you’ve done to help guide Pathways to Aviation toward setting the standard of aviation education and career development excellence.

An invitation to Join Our Crew

Offering student scholarships, fostering career readiness, informing and inspiring young people, and hosting major events occurs because of financial contributions. Every dollar donated to Pathways to Aviation directly impacts these mission-driven programs.

Whether it’s $10 or $10,000, every contributed dollar creates a new opportunity to present the world of aviation to a young person.

Please consider joining our crew of financial supporters.

Click here to make a 100% tax-deductible donation.

Pathways to Aviation, a 501c3 non-profit entity, serves as the engine to leverage educational programs, historical preservation, and industry partnerships to facilitate educational success, labor force growth, and economic vitality throughout the state of Nevada.

This bulletin wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the impact leaders have had on our organization and, more importantly, the young people we serve. May Thanksgiving week bring you the happiest of times. Our sincere thanks.



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Informing, inspiring, and engaging aviation's next generation.